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 Press archiv about cheap accommodations

Please tell us about articles in the media. Thanks a lot!

SPAR-TIPP with Radio Schleswig Holstein

Traveling is a great thing and not that expensive. If it weren't for the horrendous lodging costs! Smart travelers save their money. Just visit the website and the world is yours for traveling! RSH... (sent by a member.)

Sleeping accommodations for free - worldwide

"Journal der Frau" found our website as well. Here is the news article scan , that a member sent to us..

SWR 3 - Nix wie raus

I am sorry that I did not get back to you sooner, due to sickness and traveling things didn’t get done as fast as they normally would.

Concerning the reference to “globiwalk”, yes, we actually did have a piece during our “Online-Tipps” in the August 27 show. The wording was as follows: – sleep accommodations for free - worldwide

The dream of the unknown world out there – it is often shattered before it even begins by expensive tickets and even more expensive sleeping accommodations. Travel turns into a nightmare for your wallet. One way to at least save the costs for the sleep accommodations is the website: Based on the motto: “I give you a break, you give me a break” it offers accommodations all over the world. The database is online. The principle is based on mutuality. Users that get registered and are willing to host a traveler in their house receive in exchange addresses for accommodations (editors note: This is incorrect, you will only receive an anonymous contact. No personal information of the user is passed on. The contact happens via an anonymous messaging system)- free and around the world.

… We hope this helps –even a if a little late- sincerely

Link tip by Lycos

Lycos trend guide Eric Vollmer titled our preview of the project the “link of the week” Sleeping accommodations for free worldwide

worldwide accommodations are available in the following languages:
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