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strTitleThe team

strTextJust so you know: YOU are the world and you fill it with life. With discussions, votes and the like you can participate in the member area of #NL# Frank and Sebastian are just your points of reference and are there in case of questions. But there are a lot of other folks that believe in the idea - and gave their enthusiastic support! A big, fat thank you from the whole team! #NL#

Sebastian SwitzerlandSebastian Contact

strSebastianTaskConcept, development and maintenance

strSebastianText1 chess board, 2 notebooks, 3 Barcardi Cokes and playing volleyball - and the world is round - I think.


Frank GermanyFrank Contact

strFrankTaskConcept, creative strategy and marketing

strFrankTextTraveling is bad! Mere for fools ;)


Hannes SwitzerlandHannes Contact

strHannesTask#STRONG#Community Ambassador#STRONGEND#

strHannesTextThe discussion board in the member area is the best way for community members to get in touch with us. Further more you can find me in facebook "Hannes Ulrich". Looking forward to get in touch with you!


Yolanda SpainYolanda Contact

strYolandaTaskCreative neologism on / in open-minded terrace / kitchen

strYolandaTextOcean-sky-land-travel-addicted copyright cowgirl with latin spirit and virtues...


Alice ChinaAlice Contact

strAliceTaskTranslations Chinese

strAliceTextDream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today (James Dean).


Ursina UsaUrsina Contact

strUrsinaTaskTranslations english

strUrsinaTextThe early bird catches the globetrotter... makes it possible for everyone :-)


Dario_and_Sylvie ItalienDario and Sylvie Contact

strDario_and_SylvieTaskGraphic design (corporate, print and web): the art of visualizing an idea before something is created - LINKNEWSIGNwww.newsign.chLINKEND

strDario_and_SylvieTextEach journey begins with a step. With everything is just easier.


Elia SpainElia Contact

strEliaTaskTranslator and Localiser of English-German-Italian content into Spanish-Catalan

strEliaTextAfter Spain, the UK and Switzerland I currently live in Ireland and work as a Localisation Specialist for the 'worldwide #1 Internet company'. As passionate linguist about corporate content production and intercultural mediation, do seek my advice if you need to knock down linguistic or cultural barriers: espanol.activo AT


Alina ChinaAlina Contact


strAlinaTextFocused on web development and graphic design: LINKSUNIDYwww.sunidy.comLINKEND - To persevere means victory!


Anne FranceAnne Contact

strAnneTaskTranslations French

strAnneTextWith, travelling is no luxury reserved for others… It is an extraordinary experience!


Michael UKMichael Contact

strMichaelTaskDuring the day you will find me at The Dream Mill - which supports charities and NGOs with their communication and organisational strategy: LINKDREAMMILLwww.thedreammill.comLINKEND

strMichaelTextDuring the night you will find my charitable alter ego supporting young people from all over the world in developing new ways to create a sustainable future: LINKWYSEwww.wyse-ngo.orgLINKEND. I therefore love places like where different cultures, experiences and beliefs come together.


Lei ChinaLei Contact

strLeiTaskI worked as a teacher before, and now I'd like to become an interpreter! Fluent in Chinese, English and German.

strLeiTextI like simply, because it is just what I want.


Lilian GermanyLilian Contact

strLilianTaskDesign, digital image editing, animations

strLilianTextColor and shape, functional design, not only for - LINKANZwww.das-anz.deLINKEND


Thee IndonesiaThee Contact

strTheeTaskSpreading the belodged virus in Indonesia, this virus will make your travel easiest in many ways, all over the world. Spread the news, spread the virus and be belodger...

strTheeTextI like because it is really simple to use, the site is attractive and it's orange! And I love because I love to travel and meeting people, why? Because I'm a writer LINKTHEEmissthee.blogspot.comLINKEND, that's why... :)


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