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The idea, concept and website of the Social Community Network for "free accommodations worldwide" was already established in 1999 (CS: 2001) under the name The portal has been launched at the end of 2007. – model of solidarity

Everyone may register on other networks, regardless of how much a member actively participates in or benefits from the social network.

Thus in various portals only up to 30% of the members provide accommodation. At it is at about 98%. The "Balanced-Value System" expresses on how much a member contributes to the community. - more privacy demands far fewer registration data to attend the community than any other network. The portal requires no information on the exact residential address, name and birth date. The personal member profiles are not publicly visible.

Thus, for example, no indication is given whether someone is currently on vacation and therefore had to leave his apartment unguarded for a certain period of time. – no fake sense of security dispenses completely with some paid features and has no intention to generate a "false sense of security".

Here you will find more detailed explanations and discussions. - technically strong

Compared to other hospitality networks some important areas of (registration, login, personal profile pages) are encrypted with 'state of the art' SSL. - no frustration - stable

Diverse members of other networks often work as uncompensated programmers. Many of those people "quit" the service because of a lack of communication and support from the "head". Hence similar websites are often created by these people.

In contrast the development of is done by a team of professional programmers. The usability of the numerous features and the stability of the portal are therefore highly reliable. - listen to the members

While in many discussion groups of other networks there is little or no feedback, the team responds to every query. Requests for new features and changes are implemented promptly.

worldwide accommodations are available in the following languages:
German, English, Spanish, French and Chinese - more coming soon

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Melisa Zboron
Concordia Entre ríos Argentina , Argentina
Bogota, Colombia
Benevento, Italy
Mukono, Uganda
Cochin, India

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