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Sacher cake and lodging for free

by Lola, February

Not long ago I took a spur of the moment trip to Vienna. Fantastic city! But sooooooo expensive! One night at the Bed & Breakfast Arian and I was broke.... :-( *Sigh* So it will only be a short stay in Vienna and I will take the nighttrain home.

But I HAD to visit the Cafe Sacher, after all, I am in the city of the fancy cakes! Weeelllll, and there was this young gentleman with  curls and metal-rimmed glasses sitting at the table next to mine, browsing through his book (which by the way most Viennese do when in a coffee house by themselves...). And as the story goes we were in deep discussion a couple of minutes later. ;-)

At some point I didn't feel like taking the nighttrain back. But since Leo is still living at home with his mom, my problem of where  to sleep still wasn't solved. Hmmm.. Until he told me to check Which is what we did. Decidedly the best part was, that one of his student buddies was a registered user, obtainable and available!

GREAT! So we drove to Thomas. Really nice guy and after an easy evening, Leo drove home and I went to the guest room. A little in love...... Yup, that's how it can go at

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