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Tokyo-Kyoto-Tokyo in 2 1/2 days

by Manabu, September

On our (my guest and myself) 3-day tour of Japan, we enjoyed an exciting night in Tokyo with exotic dances of a nice Maiko (traditional female Japanese entertainer) entice each of us =_=

Before that we had a delicious Tempura dinner (classic Japanese dish of deep fried batter-dipped seafood/vegetables) and relished real mega-city Tokyo way of life with trendy and fancy people...

The next day a bullet train ride (the extraordinary Shinkansen!!!) took us with 300mph (or even faster, who knows ;-) to Kyoto city, which is - however - a must for short time visitors of Japan.

At Kyoto city, we visited the most popular tourist attraction of Kyoto, the Kiyomizu Temple. Actually there is hundreds of temples to see, but our crazy 24h stopover in Kyoto was just too short. Back in Tokyo again we cruised through modern skyscrapers and giant shopping areas (to me this is just normal life, but my guest was completely lost, lol).
Hope my round-trip program was no shock but rather the best way for my european guest to explore Japanese life and culture...

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